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For everything dog training and dog education, primarily we are a positive reinforcement and force free educator. Training needs to be both a positive and enjoyable experience for the dog and human, and in our environment, we have found this achieves the fastest and most effective results! 

Our whole deal is providing an experience with enrichment that is primal and wilderness focused. The set up unique to us. Our education style however, is not primal. We do not use ancient methods of creating strict hierarchies with ‘alphas’ ruling with fear and an iron fist. By introducing adventure to the available positive rewards we can use in educating your dog, we are able to use positive reinforcement exclusively throughout Wolfhouse. Of course, if you have found a particular technique works best, we can tailor our training methods in one on one sessions to what your experience has shown best suits and motivates your dog! 

The Wolfhouse team are a diverse, balanced and confident team, both humans and puppers a like. We create family units here. Dynamic family units that are constantly evolving as the resources, elements, and environment change throughout each day. We provide structure in what we do by how we initiate our dogs into each family. Every dog’s day is different, from one day to the next, from dog to dog. Variety is incredibly important to the experience, so you won’t find a run sheet here!

More than anything else, each dog is incredibly complex in how they learn with some vastly different from others. We have a diverse background in helping dogs of all backgrounds unlock their own level of unique happiness. A dynamic and family approach to learning, balanced confidence and safety is what you will find here.

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Combining doggy daycare and formal dog training isn’t revolutionary, the Wolfhouse approach is.

Dog Training is often viewed as something that is undertaken when you have a problem. At Wolfhouse, our training and education approach is progressive and positive. Dog Training and Education is something all dogs can benefit from, regardless of how perfect they are in Mummy and Daddy’s eyes.

Generally dog training professionals view traditional doggy daycare fairly neutrally. Some lack constant supervision and some include no behaviour modification, education or training that isn’t at an extra cost. Here is where Wolfhouse is innovating and one of the primary reasons why the founders set out to combine doggy daycare and dog training properly, cost free.

Wolfhouse is progressive and a polar opposite from this traditional style. An operation that combines dogs into single room together without constant supervision, behavioural modification and the installation of general obedience and respect for others, whether they have 4 legs or 2, can end disastrously for everyone involved. This style of care will cause more problems than it solves.

Our approach is fresh, variable and complex. It is proven from years of rehabilitation of pups with a much less fortunate start than most. It starts with the assessment process, The Wolfhouse Initiation Ritual. This process has been crafted to provide an in-depth and detailed WAP report, or the Wolfhouse Aptitude Profile. This is the first critical step to any training or education in the campus. The foundation stone. This enables us to understand which part of the campus is your pups best fit, how they learn, what motivates them, how they respond to particular stimulus and how they interact with unfamiliar humans and dogs.

Think of it is as the sync’ing of a device to a PC. Once complete we have everything need to begin.

It all starts with the Initiation, find out more below:

Wolfhouse Initiation Ritual


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Whilst we do have paid programs for more intensive training or behaviour modification, the cornerstone of a Wolfhouse Education is the learnings we install upon all doggos, for no charge at all. This may not happen all on day one however with each passing day at Wolfhouse, your dog will absorb more and more of our foundation education. Just like humans though, each dog learns different subjects at different paces depending on any advantages and/or disadvantages from prior learning and experiences.


This section is the very first training we provide to all dogs. Upon introduction, we show them the correct ways to engage with a single dog and a pack of dogs. In the majority of instances where doggy disagreements occur, this is the first thing that has gone wrong. Wolfhouse leads them to the correct behaviours to show in a social setting and which behaviours may not acceptable with other fellow canines. Wolfhouse shows them the right way to play, interact and engage in a safe and appropriate manner, with the assistance of the rest of the pack of course. 

Benefits you will experience are:

  • A more balanced dog when introduced to other dogs off lead
  • Less anti social or less chaotic approach to dog on dog introductions
  • Better playing habits with a reduced risk of starting a disagreement off lead
  • Increased respect for all dogs regardless of energy disposition
  • Increased level of obedience in higher distraction type environments

Behavioural Balancing

After key Socialization and a comprehension of where your dog fits within the campus, we can begin to build up any areas for development. Unless the stimulus is extremely unique, we are likely to pick up any opportunities on campus. This is where the real magic of Wolfhouse happens. We are able to monitor and seizes opportunities to educate and train, we are able to remove or reduce the severity of common canine problematic behaviours. The most common behaviours experienced are such as excessive barking, destructiveness, digging, hyperactivity, jumping on people and mouthing.

Benefits you will experience are:

  • Reduced likelihood of common behavioural issues being presented at home
  • Limited reaction to previous stimuli where a positive outcome is not obtained (desensitisation)
  • Stimulus control by teaching to particular particular behaviours on cue 
  • Environmental enrichment to help to get the most out of obedience training
  • Habituasation to new experiences, people and dogs. Taking the anxiety of of life.

All of these key learnings are provided to all our Wolfhouse family members and is included in the cost of daycare. It is really what adds the Education into Wolfhouse.


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Our primary certificate is for pups ready to be truly in-sync with their human. As an overview, your dog is brought into understanding positive reinforcement training and foundation clicker learning. It’s a great foundation to build on for future learning. We install the basic obedience commands on lead as well as the correct behaviour to be observed when walking your doggo.

Pricing will vary.
Contact us below for more information.
Certificate Pricing in addition to the require full days of daycare.
Pup required for 6 full days of daycare.

Complete Guide to our Standard Obedience Primary Certificate


The secondary certificate builds on prior obedience learning. If not already learnt by your pupper, we will install foundation clicker learning and positive reinforcement training. The Advanced Obedience your dog will learn includes harder feats such as pointer education to enable a greater level of interaction with your fur child and distance commands with high accuracy. These are skills that most dogs have not been exposed to without professional training and also increases the control you have more difficult circumstances.

Pricing will vary.
Contact us below for more information.
Certificate Pricing in addition to the require full days of daycare.
Pup required for 9 full days of daycare.

Complete Guide to our Advanced Obedience Secondary Certificate 

It’s high education and electives are available for your selection. Need your pupper to open the door for you? Turn on a light switch? Grab a beverage from the fridge? Find your keys? These are not feats to be taken lightly. In industry lingo, these tasks fall under assistance dog and service dog titles. Doggos are bred for these roles in our society so educating your fur child the art of one of these skills is a lifetime learnt skill, when used frequently. Your superdog awaits.

Pricing will vary.
Contact us below for more information.
Certificate Pricing in addition to the required full days of daycare.
Required days of daycare set after the Initiation.

Complete Guide and Electives available with our Refined Skills Tertiary Certificate 

When problems at home cannot be corrected in a home environment, our Advanced Behavioural Modification classes are a must. This course is for specific or manic problems where one on one time in an isolated environment is necessary. These courses are custom built based on your needs and the severity of the issue. We can tackle anything from fear or anxiety of a specific stimulus, aggression toward a specific stimulus or something as simple as the regular destruction of under garments.

Pricing will vary.
Contact us below for more information.
Pricing in addition to the required full days of daycare.
Required days of daycare set after the Initiation.

Complete Guide to Advanced Behavioural Modification


This is our specialty. When life has started rough, some of the most desperate cases need to be taught how to ‘dog’ again. These animals have more often than not, suffered some type of intentional or unintentional abuse and need help. We offer huge discounts on rehabilitation to both rescue organisations and dogs adopted from a rescue organisation. To us, getting these poor pups back on their paws and ‘dogging’ again is one of our most important charges. For these cases, please contact the founders directly:

For more information on Rehabilitation contact the founders on: (


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