Here's what happens..

  1. Receive your invitation and purchase your entry.
  2. Within 48 hours we send you a confirmation email with your exclusive code and mark your account as part of the Wolfpack.
  3. Purchase any of the below included services in our shop and enter your code at checkout. (Can also use code on campus but it will not work in the portal).
  4. Enjoy the benefits of being a part off the pack.

20% off Standard Enrolment

Come anytime for only $64 instead of the regular $80 that everyone else pays.

20% off All Packages

Enrol for as low as $47.97 per day on our 30 Day pack

20% off Education*

On campus or off campus in Co-op, obedience or anything random for elective.

*Excludes Behaviour Modification Program


  • Priority approvals when booking enrolments
  • Doubled Wolfhouse Ambassador credits
  • Bonus day during your dogs birthday week with complimentary birthday party photoshoot

& Just so you know..

It's literally as simple as this, we *insert expletive here* love you and your dog. We want you to feel that in a community that benefits from it, with rewards you've never seen before. There is no catch, just a $10 sign up payment and the rewards of the pack awaits.

For years we have been searching for a way to reward families that not only have demonstrated strong support and loyalty to Wolfhouse, but also a dog that struts the stuff, walks the talk, behaves in a way that makes us proud to have contributed to its development. 

This program is designed to make joining us on campus far more affordable, winding the pricing clock almost all the back to our launch pricing in 2017.

It's important to us that we get these rewards right. We will be reviewing the viability of this program and what is offered at the end of June with the goal to change what is needed to continue to offer this program into the foreseeable future. If you have any ideas for further benefits, we would love to hear it!

As always, thank you for your unwavering support of the Wolfhouse endeavour as we continue to provide our families with as much value in our experience as possible. 
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