Wolfhouse Initiation Ritual

Wolfhouse Initiation Ritual: First Day Initiation

Our initiation ritual for introducing your doggo to their pack (or family) members, is unique to Wolfhouse. It's critical in achieving our 'All Dog' mentality. It is the first and foundation step in providing safety and security for all dogs, including our own team dogs. The Wolfhouse Team bring their puppers to the campus each day. That means the very same level of security we provide for your dogs, we provide for our own family as well.

Once you're a part of the pack, you're family.



Firstly, we recommend booking in a Campus Introduction to see the place and talk to the team. To do that, firstly create your account in our portal using the link below and book the introduction. Even if you do not decide to join us on campus, we still prefer to know a little bit about your doggo and their family before the introduction. This can always be deleted if we did not meet your expectations, although this does occur rarely! Then you can head back to the portal and enrol in your first day!

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The Initiation Ritual:

Once you have completed your profile in the portal and enrolled your doggo in their first day, you are campus bound! The information you provide here is critical to the creation of the dog's own profile prior to the initiation. This profile used to be titled the WAP (standing for Wolfhouse Aptitude Profile) report, however the acronym 'WAP' recently took on a more commonly recognised definition since 2020 and has since been updated, hahaha.

The Initiation ritual begins at the start of their first day as we begin unlocking the key points of your doggo's personality. The Initiation ritual is robust, complex and comprehensive, very much our secret sauce in delivering our experience to all dogs. Upon completion your pup is then assigned an Elemental Wolf which will be their family group or 'pack' from now on and their day is tailored specifically to them. All this info tells us, which territories they are going to thrive the most in, which challenges are too easy or too hard, what they are motivated by, who their ideal friend group should be, how much rest they need and anything else we need to know! Now the day can begin! The assessment and our Initiation Ritual is complete!

Your Elemental Wolf: What are they?

Arctic Fox

These doggos are as cool as they get. Sometimes displaying more model than dog, this pack might just be the cutest of the lot and their humans think so too. Their life revolves around their beloved humans as the most important things in the world to them! So, life on campus can consist of hunting for the very best locale to stretch out and show off and if it all gets too much, a little nap here or there is a must for any day. They won't be the first group to conquer all the challenges, however with the right level of support from friends and negotiating with humans, it all comes in their own time. Don't sleep on this pack though, these divas can throw a tantrum! Usually when competing against more confident pups or if they get a bit worried over not being the biggest diva around.


Desert Bear Dog

These hot temperature bear dogs aren’t just bears in size but energy and character too. Nature has given this pack confidence above all else with a healthy dose of strength and size too. All these qualities enable a bear-sized ego and attitude to match. The pack that loves to be the boss in most circles, can sometimes lead to more spirited discussions on hot button canine topics within their own pack and others that can mix it with them. If they aren't enforcing the law, they think they're well above it. The leaders of this pack are our rugged, robust, adventurous warriors. They aren't gentle giants, they are rough, tough and know their capabilities. However, these huge, regularly chaotic giant personalities are often misunderstood. This pack loves work, direction and their energy drained physically to unlock and intelligent mind very keen to learn. Once you get there, a door way opens to an extremely playful, genuinely do no harm, happy go lucky dog that just has to be everyone's friend.


Desert Jackal

Desert Jackals are clever, mischievous and full of life. This pack of tricksters is unlike any other. Few can keep stride with these puppers and can often be seen as a blur racing through the high energy territories then immediately passed out on a bed. These Jackals, whilst very boisterous can sometimes be too obnoxious for their own good and can cause mayhem on the campus if not kept in check. With as much confidence as their Desert Bear Dog siblings; yes they will try to meet everyone. They firmly believe their opinion can hold their own with any dog, regardless of the topic being discussed or challenge being undertaken. They love to lead and can get a bit bossy with other doggos within their pack or other doggos who aren't participating in the fun. At their core this group is full of life, full of fun and just wants to play with everyone. They can be loud, play tough and run hard. To them, life is too short for anything else.


Golden Plains Wolf

The pack known as the Golden Plains Wolves are as even as they get, truly the Gold standard. They are loyal and unwaveringly trusting so they roam all over the campus. If your wolf is in this pack, be proud that the perfect blend of environment, genetics and family has created one of the most balanced doggos in Wolfhouse. They love just about everything, their humans, other humans, most dogs; they are genuinely just high on life. The ultimate and iconic, great family dog and the definition of man's best friend. They love to play with everything but also keenly understand when it's not the right time to play. They can hold their own with stupidly high energy dogs as well as chill and relax with the quiet few. More than happy to complete any challenge asked of them and they are most often the group that will conquer all on campus. It's a hard pack to get into, but once you are, you'll never want to leave!

Grassland Wolf

Whilst their stature might not be the biggest around, their balanced spirit is what this pack is highly awarded for. No tantrums in sight here and nothing but love, these wolves are accepting of almost all other canine and make their humans brim with pride. They're confident but not arrogant, intelligent when the reward is right, very sociable but also very comfortable to relax in their own and know how the spend their energy wisely. Whether by natural gift or the perfect environment this pack is the most balanced in all of Wolfhouse. Everyone needs to be friends with a Grassland Wolf which is lucky as Grassland Wolves tend to befriend everyone!

Highland Coyote

The definition of not judging a book by its cover. Don’t let the initial Highland Coyote fool you with their sometimes tentative initial character. Under the surface is a pupper with endless energy ready to be unlocked. In their heart, this pack loves to hang on to one specific physical challenge they love and marathon it long term. However, they are not likely to show this to you until they are properly comfortable with their surroundings. This can take some time, initially they need their space to observe and understand their world around. They are big on using all their senses to do this, as this establishes their calm centre. This is their firm foundation to build their confidence upon. Doggos that try and push these guys into a play won’t have much luck. Give them their time and watch their spirit flourish. As soon as they are comfy, you best make way. A lot of energy is released right away to anyone that can keep up with them. Once that true inner spirit is revealed, hold on!


Jungle Coyote

Jungle Coyotes are a tough group to get into. That's not to say that getting accepted is a problem, it's just can you keep up! They are the free spirits among us, the thrill seekers, the loud and the crazy. Remember when Red Bull came in shot form? This pack is exactly that. No truth with this pack, all dare. Regardless of their age, size or strength these canines boast plenty of self-confidence and even more attitude. Jungle Coyotes can be a little too confident especially when trying to force others into their own lifestyle choices. They can be oblivious to their own needs in pursuit of fun, adventure and play which makes them the play-till-you-drop kind. Don't like them? They couldn't care less. They are very independent and can become extremely mischievous when there is no one to show off to, as most of all these pups loves the attention of everyone around, they don't care what animal is giving it, as long as it's on them.



One of the more exclusive packs in Wolfhouse, not that you would know it by their circle of friends which is basically limitless. Confidence wise, these guys have the Goldilocks amount. Whilst having a laugh with this pack is easy for almost any doggo, truly being a Timberwolf is a very high honour. Independent but also extremely sociable, this group of puppers take the high road in confrontations but firm in standing their ground which makes them a fav in social circles. If they are a food, they are a complex carb releasing great amounts of happy energy slowly over their day. In their own pack, these guys and gals show off their speed and need a heap of space. Zoomies are something that they love, whether they are tired or sore, it doesn't matter to them. These wolves will keep up with everyone, befriend all, argue with no one and therefore a true model of the perfect Wolfhouse wolf.


Tundra Wild Dog

Tundra Wild Dogs are the independent, mindful, philosophers amongst us. Very observant and in tune with their senses, they don’t boast the hyperactive nature of some of the other doggos, so more the better for their humans. These dogs are inquisitive, intelligent and measured and that's not to say they don't have energy to spend, it's just they are very selective where they spend it. Very connected with their humans, they're life revolves around their family. In a group of dogs, they are just as happy relaxing solo, coming in and out of the social circle as they please. Their figurative feathers only truly get ruffled when someone outside of their pack is pressuring them to do something they don’t want to do. They can be very stubborn and set in their ways as they know what works well for them. Cleverly, they are comfortable to join in on play when it suits them and they prefer to observe the world around them before committing to engaging with their environment!