Off-Campus Education

Canine Education at your Doorstep

We are now offering Off-Campus Education for all doggos. This location is off-campus, so can be conducted in a home environment, on a walk, park or wherever the area of development is most prominent.

In our Off-Campus Education Consultation, we will observe and obtain more information on the areas of development, understand what undesirable behaviours are being displayed, and what end goal behaviours are desired and achievable in an off campus environment.

Once we have a full understanding of all of this, we will be able develop a comprehensive educational plan which will provide critical management strategies to implement in the environment with the end goal behaviours in mind. Also, if your pup already attends Campus, we will ensure that this particular education work is continued on Campus during their Extended Education sessions.

Initial Educational Consultation – 1 hour


Follow-up Educational Consultation – 1 hour


Depending on the type and severity of the dog's developmental area, we do recommend the 1 hour consult to ensure that we are able to obtain all necessary information and run through the proposed educational plan in detail. If additional time is required, we can extend this session out in 15 min intervals for an additional $15 / interval.

This Initial Educational Consult also includes a follow-up phone call (or in-person consultation on Campus) with one of our Academic Team Members approx. 2-3 weeks after the initial Consultation. Our team will check in, and see how both you and your pup are tracking with the implemented educational plan. Of course, you are more than welcome to contact us any time after the initial consultation if further clarification is needed, or for any general progress updates or reports.


For more information on our Off-Campus Educational Consultations, please feel free to contact us further at: