The Mission is simple. Founders Riss and Josh have set out to change the world of your average domesticated dog. These 2 twenty-something year olds had the vision to identify a leap the world is destined to make and could not be more determined to be at the forefront of that movement. In first world countries such as ours, the canine is entering and engaging within human family units at an unprecedented rate. For some families their dogs are their children. For these families with human children of their own this is no different. Humankind’s best friend is no longer simply a tool or a possession that is owned. The status of the dog in today’s modern familia is far more elevated than it was even 10 years ago. Wolfhouse wants to lead this progression into the future to be a safe haven for learning for all dogs. Now there is an institution that offers your fur children a place to play, learn and experience training and education right through pre-school, primary, secondary and even tertiary education. Not too dissimilar from the experience of an average childhood.

To be one of the world’s leading examples of canine sanctuary and enlightenment through adventure and education.

To be one of the worlds foremost leaders of canine enrichment creating a safe and engaging haven to educate, experience and grow.


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Allow us to unpack the founding Vision and Mission of Wolfhouse with you.

Simply, Wolfhouse is a sanctuary for all dogs. The first of it’s kind. Our sole mission is to be our world’s foremost leader of canine enrichment creating a safe and engaging haven to educate, experience and grow. Our goals are lofty and ambitious but the impact we have on dogs is very real.

Achieving our Mission has never been so critical to stepping toward our most positive outcome.

Just like a puppy, small steps leads to endless Education opportunities. The learning never stops.

We take the learning experience children have in school, college and university and apply it to our fur children. This is not your average day care. We engage with our students using proven and certified techniques, learned and adapted interaction training and our unique 5 scent methodology. When the study is done, or your pup is already at the pinnacle of high education and just here for fun, we offer an interactive and stimulating environment akin to trail blazing through state forests with all your friends balanced with all the relaxation, comfort and security of any high end resort.

Critically, we feel this should’t be a world available only to the wealthy elite that can afford it. We have plans to meet any budget and industry leading offers to any rescue organisation wanting to rehabilitate. We are here for education, enrichment and the experience. We are here for all dogs.



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