You've NEVER seen a puppy school like this before!

This pinnacle of canine enrichment and education is usually packed full of doggos every weekday. We welcome puppies and their families to learn ALL there is to know about the puppy months to make sure your puppy, soon to be adult dog, get's the most out of their life!

Socialising, swim school, confidence building, life fundamentals and everything puppy obedience. This is it!!!


Welcome to Wolfhouse. A community you'll never want to leave!

Here is why our Puppy Education, is very different!

Certified Trainers

These days, anyone can say the can 'train your dog'. It's wildly unregulated! Our Academic Team are certified with a Cert III Dog Psychology & Behaviour from the National Dog Training Federation. We've done it for years. Turning puppies into awesome adult dogs!

Wilderness Indoors

We've brought the wild into a controlled environment so there's no cancellations for weather! Heights, swimming, textures, sounds; everything you can possibly think of exposing your puppy to! We do it right so your puppy sees the world's opportunities for what they are, dreams not nightmares.

It's Jam Packed!

In 6 weeks we will teach you and your puppy absolutely everything you need to know to raise a puppy in today's world. Socialising, Desensitisation, Obedience, Life Fundaments, Cues & Markers, Crate/Denning Education, Toileting, Applying it all in public... This list is properly exhaustive!

When & Where?

Just off the Gateway, Now North & South Brisbane!

Puppy's love routine, so make Saturday mornings or an evening during the week a huge part of theirs! You'll love this time to bond and learn with your pup! Available at the Hamilton & Carindale campuses on selected nights during the week and sometimes on Saturday mornings!


The Monarch Movement
Why? What? How?

Each dog trainer teaches things a certain way, most of the techniques are similar with some personal flavour. In true Wolfhouse style, we wanted to blow it up.

The Monarch Movement is a Wolfhouse philosophy in how to educate dogs, it's not bs fluff, it's not draconian. It's a philosophy of foundation.


Setting the puppy up for success to learn what you are trying to teach it and uncovering the greatest canine truth of all about the world around them... We implore you to learn more below!

Finally, A Campus Experience that isn't Daycare!
Learn how we do!

We've always been smashed with requests for getting on campus with your dog, not just joining us for our standard enrolment during the week!

Now you get to be in the environment we've built to raise puppies in a way that exposes them to all of the seemingly small things now, to make sure they grow up to be confident, well behaved adults!

Each week for 6 weeks you'll be immersed into campus life to learn from the best! Learning everything you need to know to make sure you, your family and your new puppy can live their best life!

COPF1: Co-op Puppy Foundation Education Certificate


- Meet and greets

- Neutrality around new dogs

- Play Style initiation/adaptation

- Greeting people including children

- Reinforcing desired behaviour in social settings

- Larger group socialisation


- Human Handling

- Sounds & Textures

- Water Confidence & Swimming

- Strange Objects

- Costumes & uniforms


- Reinforcement

- Name Recognition

- Clicker Installation

- Sits & Downs

- Word Cues and what they mean

- Crate/Den/Safe Place Education

- Recalls

- Tethering

- Social Walking

- Leave it

Now $299

Celebrate it!

Ofcourse it includes the grad picture!

Enrolment Process, How it Works!

We are unique. We are complex. How to enrol is completed as follows:

1. Register!

Creating your free account with Wolfhouse gives you access to enrol. We need all the deets you can give us on your doggo to make sure it's set up for success!

2. Enrol!

Enrolling is super simple, once registered you will arrive at your dashboard then:

  1. Request Services
  2. MME Courses and Classes
  3. Select this Co-op Course
  4. Confirm the details
  5. Book!

3. Finalise & Pay!

The last step confirms your enrolment! Once we receive your enrolment, we will send you a link to all of the T's & C's plus information on how to pay!

Now you're ready to go!!!

Enrol now and take you and your puppy through a journey you'll never forget!

Register, enrol & finalise, it's that simple. You'll join The Monarch Movement & Wolfhouse unlocking a community you always wished you'd had!


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