Husky Bros. Wet & Wild – Waterfall Springs Now Open, Just Add Water!

Tuuq Says

Water! The Pool! IT’S FINALLY OPEN!! To celebrate this tremendously wet occasion, we the Husky Bros, presents a collection of the best pics to date of doggos loving life on the wetter trail. I LOVE water! It’s in my genes, my long legs, these webbed feet, my long bow-wave-making snoz, built for it! Like most dogs I was slightly dubious about getting in, looked much more daunting from up high, once you’re in, it’s sweet. I love playing Jaws. Thats what mum calls it. I get real low in the water then snap my mouth open and closed like I’m a predator!!! It’s not as funny as Anuk but. He is a dead set crack up … 😂 I can’t even 😂 I’ll let him tell it…




Anuk Says:

Unlike my long legged bro, I like water, don’t love it though. Like, I’ll swim, paddle around, chase sticks, enjoy it’s cool refreshing embrace, then get out and it all goes wrong.. I’m so fluffy that this hair is at least two thirds of my overall volume. So my slender frame is exposed underneath whilst my back and head is left fully fluffed. Instant laughter from humans and doggos alike. It’s like I’ve been shaved, bottom only. Nothing looks right. I’m a high confidence guy, but that humbles you real quick.. Luckily I’ve been too speedy for Dad to snap a photo of it for you to see.




Portland Says:

It’s like the beach all over again!!! I love this pool thing! I LOVE water. And swimming! And getting my lil pawsies wet!!! No lead too cause I’m getting to be a big boy now!! I don’t like swimming with Anuk but. He splashes too much. He makes it like the big waves back at the beach!! So I always wait till he is out. He’s so funny with his water hair cut. He looks like half the dog he was, like he’s thinnerer than me! It’s sooo funny and he absolutely hates it! Mum says Siberian Huskies love the water and we are built for it. Well actually she says we are built for somethink called snow. She says it’s like soft ice cubes. Sounds like so much fun cause I loooove those lil cubes too. So good for my teeth which keep falling out… Tuuq loves them too, but his teeth ain’t falling out, so it must be a husky thing.



Tuuq Says

We WILL get a pic so you can see Anuk. The dude is hilarious. Anyway, here is all the water pics so far. There are some killers in there! ENJOY!!!







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