Husky Bros. Anuk Gets SO Much Love. He’ll Tell You Why!


It’s pretty easy being me. You look this good and you are going to get love.

As the eldest I am the best behaved. I get a lot of Love from just being me. But there are plenty of tricks I use on Mum and Dad 😉

With Great Hair Comes Great Responsibility.

My biological Father told me this. It’s fairly true. I’m more receptive to learning new things than Tuuq. I’ll do anything for a reward. Tuuq follows what I do so I HAVE to be the good one, I know the truth.

I love humans. With my immaculate and rugged good looks, I get affection from just standing here. Humans can’t resist giving my a hug. I’m loyal to anyone who will give me any type of contact. I’ll tell you how much I love it too. My voice will be heard! I have fun with most dogs, unless they want to boss me around, don’t love that. I’m the mature one so I let Tuuq do the messing about business. I’ll join in where needed.

What I get LOVE for:

LOOKS. I know I’ve said it a few times, but this cannot be understated. I’ve seen humans walk clear across a field, barge through 50 other humans just to give me a hug. It’s pretty easy to get love, buy just walking around, doing my thing.

OBEDIENCE. I’m the one who gets the most treats in the house. I know if I listen and act accordingly there is a treat right around the corner. Mum and Dad think they have trained me pretty well. Secret is, I’m the one who has been training them!

VOICE and boy do I have one. I’m the vocal type, one of the singing-est Huskies you’ll meet. I love to make noise. Especially when I am happy. I’ll howl at nothing, talk in your ear, alert you to randoms. Doesn’t that just sound amazing! I get so much love for my voice.

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