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Wolfhouse began out of necessity to deliver the adventure that is lacking from the doggy daycare experience. The founders found options that included children’s play toys in a small room wanting. On all levels. This sparked the idea that a sense of Adventure, the raw Drive of the Wild could be used to create a better world for all dogs, of any size, breed, temperament or energy level. This vision for an inner city location which also boasted a natural and almost wild haven created the campus as it is today.

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Regardless of your doggos individuality, at its core every dog needs to be engaged, exercised, socialised and challenged. Mentally and Physically. Your wolf needs these things for balance. Without it, they become less and less of a functioning member of your family. This is where behavioural problems, obedience challenges and general unhappy interactions are born. Socialisation by itself can help, but it’s only one part of the solution.



At Wolfhouse our approach to doggy daycare is unique and produces genuinely outstanding results. Our campus is fitted out with the most engaging elements to create a habitat that your fur child has never experienced.

Learn more about campus design:

Campus Design



Physically, it is as demanding as your pupper needs. Mountains, cliffs, cavernous tunnels, dry river bed and open plains. That’s even before their agility is crafted with our XElemental obstacle course, endurance is unleashed within the legendary Wolfhurst 500 Raceway our 50m run and dexterity tested in the Ball Tent so your dog can properly ball-out, if that’s their thing.
Mentally, it’s rigorous. Social interaction by itself can be challenging for those pups who prefer the solace of their own turf. But for the ones that are socialised, the same elements that are physically grueling, are also a test of their mental capacity. Walking on open mesh, finding the right path to climb an obstacle, the focus required to balance their body at pace on uneven surfaces is properly draining. That’s before we begin any education or training you have enrolled them in.

Learn more about our dog training:

Training and The Education


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Engaging the senses, all 5 at that, is also critical for a well balanced doggo. As a sensory experience our campus is second to none. If your dog loves a good series binge, the last time it truly tested its nose, tongue, eyes, ears and paws in proper wolf fashion could be a distant memory.

Visually the campus is beyond stimulating. Natural light is used exclusively from sun rise to sun set and the interest we have crafted into every element will make you want spend a day here as well.

American Coyote is but one of the scents we rotate weekly form all over the world at Daycare. ADVENTURE!!

American Desert Coyote on show at the scent pole

Acoustically, the top floor in an industrial setting lets our adventure daycare really come into its own. A selection of on trend, independent and commercial artists in any genre is available for any pupper in The Library. Whilst the sounds of nature recorded from around the world in rainforests and coral keys can be heard echoing through the site. This can also help us with anxiety issues for your Training and Education requirements too. Thunderstorms and fireworks are common issues with today’s “domesticated wolf”. Let us assess your pup in your first session and we can come up with a suitable program tailored to your dog.

Fun for the nose? Has your doggo ever met a nimble deer or a ferocious America mountain lion? Wolfhouse doggy daycare has an experience that you will not believe. Our totem sign posts on campus are infused with the actual scents. From different animals from all over the world, exotic flowers to dinosaur fossils, here at Wolfhouse that’s just another day.

The sense of touch is extremely important for all dogs. We have multiple different textured surfaces for your fur child to experience. This is crucial to build inner confidence. Sure footing is an instinctual drive that must be installed and continually developed and the more surfaces your dog is exposed too, the more confidence is ensued.

Taste is tough one. Food is one of the highest resources in nature for the wolf and your pupper is no different. So whilst no feeding is done in public, that doesn’t mean you can’t take the taste of Wolfhouse home with you. We have a selection of locally produced, homemade delicacies treats in abundance at the Treat Bar. We stand by these, as our treats are made from human ingredients and it’s what we use in all our Training and Education rewarding.

At Wolfhouse, our approach to doggy daycare is adventurous, bold, a little cray cray, but most of all safe, ridiculously engaging, and promises to be a FUN and educational experience your doggo will never forget.

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