Check In for Returning Doggos

Our old Check In and booking system is DEAD! *much applause*

So how do I book if my doggo has loved #campuslife before?

Simply login to your customer portal and request the relevant service and date from there!

If this is the first time you have logged in, keep this window open and use the following guide!

Now check your emails! You should have received and email asking you to ‘reset’ your password. As we did the hard work for you in merging all of your info over, you are already an existing customer and resetting your password for the first time will give you access to the next step! If you don't have this email, that's ok too, just login using the email you use for Wolfhouse and you can update your password there!

Now head to the portal and login:

This can also be found under "Enrolment" above on our website.
After you have logged in, you will be presented with your dashboard. From here you can manage everything to do with your records, enrolments, vaccination info and package buy credits. Follow the next 3 items in order to ensure you get onto campus ASAP!




That’s it!

Now keep in mind all pricing estimates are in ex.GST in your portal. If you are every unsure about our pricing, please visit the Simple Pricing section of our website where all prices include GST, or head to our shop!

There are plenty of other features in the portal for you to explore when you have the time, but for now, that's it!