Campus Teacher – Role Details

Launched: 15/07/2020

Submissions Close: 08/08/2020


Campus: Hamilton

Role ID: HCT200808

Employment Type: Casual


This, legitimately, is a career like no other. Because we can promise you from the jump, there is no other environment like this in Australia. Simply, we are looking for humans just as passionate about our vision, our mission, as the rest of our team is.

Campus Teachers have probably the hardest but most rewarding job on campus; educating dogs, educating owners, educating team! If an averagely excitable morning sounds like flicking between working a 70kg dog reactive Alaskan Malamute, to a human anxious female Australian Cattle Dog X, to a 20wk old Beagle on their Obedience certificate and helping another team member with appropriate acoustic behaviours in territory, then this is absolutely for you.. If you have the skills!

Campus Teacher Role Description

  • Pupil Safety and Supervision: To provide direction and guidance to team members and our dogs when interacting with their environment and fellow students that maintains the Wolfhouse Accepted Level of Care and Safety Charter.
  • Execution of Canine Educational and Development Tasks: To execute and supervise the canine educational and developmental requirements inline with the Campus Dean’s directives.
  • Academic Leadership and Team Member Development: To provide direction, guidance and support to all team members on campus in their development of engaging, enriching and educating dogs.
  • Environment Management: Positive management and leadership of the campus environment and team members to enable all dogs feel comfortable and safe to experience, learn and develop.
  • Canine Behaviour and Psychology Knowledge: Providing expert insight and advice on applying the principals of canine psychology to positively develop canine behaviour.
  • Academic Reporting: Reporting and documenting your pupils performance as a critical component of the broader Academic reporting systems
  • Campus Hygiene and Cleaning: Routine cleaning and maintenance of campus health.

What does a typical day on campus look like?

Campus Teachers are on campus for the majority of the day, with a usual day starting at 8AM and finishing at 7PM.

8:00 - 9:00  Completing our Wolfhouse Initiation ritual for any rookie pups to determine their class group. Campus Safety Management as a part of the socialisation period for all campus classes

9:00 - 12:00 The 1st & 2nd rotations of the day for Educational program dogs on our 1 on 1 Behaviour Modification, Elective Education and Obedience programs.

12:00 - 13:00 Lunch

13:00 - 16:00 The 3rd, 4th & 5th rotations of the day for Educational program dogs on our 1 on 1 Behaviour Modification, Elective Education and Obedience programs.

16:00 - 19:00 Campus Safety Management & Academic Consultation Check Outs for dogs on our educational programs

With plenty of coffee in between... You'll need it!!


Does the Campus Teacher role require prior dog training experience or formal training?

Absolutely, you aren't picking up the leash as a Campus Teacher to educate any dogs without it! 

The minimum requirement is the Cert III in Dog Behaviour and Training provided by NDTF & Precise Training. That's holding the certificate too! If you are still studying, then hold out until we are looking for Student Teachers, which is the role we have on campus that is suited for dog trainers still learning. Campus Teachers are the legit bad asses of education on campus; you can't be still studying.

The next requirement is an open mind to potentially new and dynamic ways of educating canines. We are looking for trainers who can humbly put their ego aside and do what's best for the dog and their family to achieve their short term and long term development goals, in a high performance fashion.

Make no mistake, the Campus Dean and their Campus Teachers are a high performance unit. Performance is measured by the quality of the education provided which achieves key education milestones, in the shortest time possible. This opens the spot for the next family in need as we only admit set numbers to our programs to maximise learning performance. Our aim is to graduate these dogs! Not to sign families up to years of unnecessary costs and hardships. This is why our educational programs are so incredibly popular, because our team of dynamic educators are superstars!

As far as experience goes, we ideally are after canine educators that have experience in using a diverse array of tools & techniques. This coupled with experience in high end human & dog reactive dogs, anxious and stimuli phobic dogs, general obedience and of course, all of the fun and unique areas of development in educating incredibly bored dogs in the modern urban environment. 

Now, we don't expect field leading expertise in all of these areas. Being strong in one or two areas is highly regarded. However, if this is your very first professional role as a dog trainer, our Student Teacher role is probably better suited.


If working side by side with adventurous canines and passionate team members in Australia's leading icon of dog enrichment and enlightenment wasn't enough, check this out:

  • Bring your dog to work and reset the definition of 'work'
  • Incredible discounts across all Wolfhouse products
  • A passionate, engaging, dynamic team culture where collaboration and positivity is king
  • Fast paced, high growth business with limitless career opportunities

If you've got what it takes and you are a certified trainer, your career in educating dogs could explode into personal and professional milestones you never thought existed, nurtured by a team that is determined to change the world.

Wolfhouse is naturally, an equal opportunity employer where we value the diversity of our team and it's function in creating our extraordinarily unique culture.

Closing date subject to change.

Stop reading and just apply already..

Applications Close: 08/08/2020