Campus Dean – Role Details

Launched: 18/09/2023

Submissions Close: 19/10/2023


Campus: Hamilton 

Role ID: HCD231019

Employment Type: Salary Full-time Permanent



This, legitimately, is a career like no other. Because we can promise you from the jump, there is no other environment like this in Australia. Simply, we are looking for humans just as passionate about our vision, our mission, as the rest of our team is.

Campus Deans are the head of the academic department responsible for the performance of the academic program and all team members therein. It is a full-time/salaried role within the Campus Leadership team reporting directly to the Director of Campus making the role not only the most senior leadership team member in the academic team but also second in charge of the campus as a whole. The commitment is at minimum 38 hours per week with any increases to be by your discretion, it is your team and your program where you are given full autonomy, accountability and performance responsibility of the campus's academic program. If you've been an experienced and certified dog trainer for years and searching for that ‘forever’ job, the one your whole career has been building towards, then this is it!

Role Description:

Primary leadership of the Academic Team and all academic program functions on campus including all team and program performance, development, initiative creation/execution, campus KPI achievement and related campus operational support. 

Main duties and responsibilities:

  • Pupil Safety Leadership: To provide Academic leadership to all team members when supervising dogs interacting with their environment and fellow students that maintains the Wolfhouse Accepted Level of Care and Safety Charter.
  • Academic Program Performance Management: Management of the Academic team & their pupils to meet or exceed performance/program output expectations.
  • Campus KPI Management: Support of the Director of Campus, Campus Leadership Team and broader Management team in the management of the Campus team & all pupils to meet or exceed KPI expectations.
  • Academic Team Development Management: Management of all Academic team member development plans which achieves team development in line with succession planning.
  • Academic Team Commercial Management: The management of all Academic commercial performance in support of achieving campus commercial KPIs.



What does a typical day for a Campus Dean look like:

Well, it's no admin job and certainly very different from the traditional consult based approach to dog training! This is one of the most hands on canine educational roles in the country, we can promise you that! Each day you'll be working directly with the education of any dogs who are enrolled in the academic program, leading your team of Campus Teachers and Student Teachers in the direct education and training of those dogs, using the educational plans that you have dynamically crafted for each individual.

Likely Monday to Friday, between 8am - 9am you'll be preparing your team for the day ahead, briefing those required on your plan. 9am - 3/4pm you’ll be leading the rotation of sessions of all dogs, fitting lunch in where you please. Finally, you'll sit down and review the day with your team preparing them for the evening briefing and checkouts with the families. We do offer Co-Op (group classes) after 7pm weekdays and on the weekend as well and as the leader of the program, you may be required to provide some support to your team during these times, but again, you have full autonomy to decide where best to spend your time.

As it's a leadership role, you are responsible for the development of your team, and we empower you to adjust your timings on campus to best suit that! How you run the program to get the best results for the dogs and your team are completely up to you and we support and empower you to do just that. We pride ourselves on being a dynamic work environment, as that's exactly the attitude you'll need to take your academic program and team into the future.

What will a successful applicant look like?

  • PASSIONATE!!! You can't work with these animals and not develop an unbridled passion for them that you get in no other industry. This person is always the most passionate academic team member on campus with that passion driving them in the development of their team and dogs within the program!
  • EXPERIENCED! This is the most senior academic role on campus and naturally, the most knowledgeable and experienced dog trainer. Ideally, we would be seeking a dog trainer with years of experience educating dogs in a very wide array of disciplines and scenarios achieving a careers worth of case accomplishments.
  • PROVEN LEADER! Experience in leading high-performance individuals within a high-performance team is critical. With anywhere from 5-15 team members reporting to you with diverse backgrounds and varying career goals, having the skills and experience to lead this program and its people into the future is a must. 
  • CERTIFIED! Ideally but not required, the certification we are seeking is the Cert III in Dog Behaviour and Training provided by NDTF and Precise Training. We ask for this as the foundation of your dog training knowledge as you'll be required to adapt a dynamic approach to dog education with experience in all 4 quadrants of the motivation matrix to craft plans specific to each individual dog and their family to achieve long term success.

If you do not have all of the above requirements, you are still able to submit your application, but please understand that you may be at a disadvantage to those who do!


If working side by side with adventurous canines and passionate team members in Australia's leading icon of dog enrichment and enlightenment wasn't enough, check this out:

  • 59 - 64k/pa excluding superannuation and bonuses
  • Bring your dog to work and reset the definition of 'work'
  • Incredible discounts across all Wolfhouse products
  • A passionate, engaging, dynamic team culture where collaboration and positivity is king
  • Fast paced, high growth business with limitless career opportunities

If you've got what it takes and you are a certified trainer, your career in educating dogs could explode into personal and professional milestones you never thought existed, nurtured by a team that is determined to change the world.

Wolfhouse is naturally, an equal opportunity employer where we value the diversity of our team and it's function in creating our extraordinarily unique culture.

Closing date subject to change.

Stop reading and just apply already..

Applications Close: 18/10/2023