Our Cancellation Policy

At Wolfhouse we are all about providing as much support and value to our Wolfhouse families as we possibly can! Being able to meet and exceed their enrichment and educational needs is always our goal. We want to be able to offer our services to as many doggos as we can so they can all have this added fulfillment in their lives!


Our Wolfhouse Cancellation Policy supports this vision by encouraging our customers to give as much notice as possible when needing to cancel. By cancelling in advance, we can offer your pupper’s spot to another appreciative family! This notice will allow us to increase early activation off our waitlist, giving our waitlist families more time and notice to attend campus. Every late cancellation means another family goes without. 


What we ask of our Wolfhouse families is to cancel their enrolment through the portal system. Our team is not able to complete this for you. This is an easy process to action with a step-by-step video available here on how to cancel:

You can also find the rest of our how to videos when using our portal on the Campus Portal page found under "PORTAL" in our main menu, or selecting the link below:

We require all cancellations to be lodged by at least 24 hours before the beginning of the reservation to avoid the activation of our cancellation policy. We understand that situations arise and can call for late cancellations which is why there will be three late cancellations allowed before the cancellation policy will be activated. Cancelling early with more than 24 hours notice will not acquire one of these late cancellation reminders of missed enrolments or a fee. 


If you have received three reminders of missed enrolments, on your forth you will be charged a cancellation fee. This is $30 for standard enrolment (either full days or half days). This cancellation fee will cover some but not all the costs incurred of us being unable to fill this spot with another Wolfhouse pupil. Please see the Monarch Movement page for our Educational programs' cancellation policy. 


This policy will be active from 13 September 2021. Any cancellation history prior to this date will not be included with exceptions to be made by our Director of Campus or Campus Dean for those previously told about our cancellation policy. 

In Summary:

  • Three cancellations with less than 24 hours notice with sent three reminders of missed cancellation emails activate the cancellation fees.
  • These three dates have occurred after the policy activation date of 13 September 2021.
  • $30 for standard enrolment (either full days or half days) 
  • This cancellation fee will cover some but not all the costs incurred of us being unable to fill this spot with another Wolfhouse pupil.


We strongly encourage all our families to cancel through the portal with as much notice as possible. This policy supports us in fulfilling our vision of providing our Wolfhouse doggos and their families an unparalleled experience now and into the future. 

For any clarification or further information regarding this policy, please contact our Campus Dean at enrolment.hamilton@wolfhouse.com.au or 07 3186 5182.