The Campus

The Design.

All Wolfhouse campuses are designed with the perfect balance of engaging habitats to meet every energy level's needs. Wilderness inspired environments tasked to deliver physical and mental challenges to naturally engage the mind and body are everywhere. Whilst there's also all the space in the world for structured education. But the best example of an environment designed perfectly for the wants and needs of every dog can be provided like this: 

Team dogs, so doggos that are brought to work daily by team members, are commonly high energy working breeds, but also older family dogs of all shapes and sizes. This started with an idea our founders had in designing a space to bring their 3 Siberian Huskies to be enriched and educated. If you have ever spent enough time with this terrifyingly energetic, wild and wilful breed, you will understand. Campus territories are designed to engage their brain and drain their battery and will do so with any breed. We guarantee it.

But there is also plenty of space to just chill out and bask old bones in the sun too. Working up a sweat and fancy a swim? Dive in with a water loving friend. Any breed. Any shape. Any age. Any size. All Dogs will find their day full of wonder and go home fulfilled. We've been doing it every day since 2017.


Campus Fit Out

Like every Wolfhouse, the Campus the fitout is unique and wild, blending the industrial backdrop with with wildness of nature. We want to take our wolves back into the wild but still have complete control over the environment. Control of the elements is crucial for a clean, adaptable and dog friendly campus. We use natural elements where we can such as clean and recycled, filtered water for the plunge pool, local mountain rocks and river stones mixed with the pine and hardwood timber. The foliage however is 100% artificial. This is important to eliminate toxins and allergies born from local and common plants and trees. Perfect for those puppers that yearn for the calling of the wild without the threat of health issues. Inside the campus territories, elements are built to be completely modular which means we can keep it fresh and adapt the campus to our needs quickly and simply if needed.

Our Hamilton campus located next door in Eagle Farm. This campus directly services the Hamilton, Ascot and Clayfield diggs but extending to the CBD and Brisbane Northside too. This campus is the the first and flagship campus. This behemoth will more than compete with your local suburbia dog park and is one of the only daycare or indoor educational locations that is anywhere near 1000m2 site, let alone the bespoke wilderness design.

Our second campus will be launched on the Southside of Brisbane by the end of 2022. Stay tuned for more updates on our socials!


The Core Territories

All Wolfhouse campuses share the same design in core territories. Whilst there might be slight variations to the physical shape of the territory campus to campus, it's design and delivery of it's intended purpose is shared. These territories are as follows:

  • Riverstone Pass - Mental enrichment with a touch of physical blended into the environment.
  • Pioneers Wilderness - Physical enrichment with features that also involve problem solving.
  • Waterfall Springs - Aquatic enrichment that always allows all breeds to swim, fully, without touching!
  • The Library - Rest and relaxation for doggos in an environment that has the creature comforts of home.
  • Solitude Den - Individual secured dens for dogs with specialised resting requirements.

Let us take you through them now in more detail:

Riverstone Pass

Our most engaging territory Riverstone Pass delivers on the true exploration element of the wild. This slice of paradise is our most engaging and interactive space. It is packed full of elements sure to challenge the brightest doggo whilst still being physically demanding and a feast for the senses. It includes the legendary Indiana's Bridge a rope bridge noxiously difficult to traverse. The the Scents of the World Signpost featuring a different international wild animal scent each day. The extraordinary Ball Lagoon which is truly a ball haven, a rest and relax tee-pee, tight tunnels and the namesake Riverstone stream flowing through the centre.

Riverstone Pass is available for all of our dogs throughout a full day of care. This territory has some unique elements that many of our puppers simply can't live without. It is a balanced zone with both rest areas and open areas for wolves of all energy requirements, bar the most intensive energy demanding doggos.



Pioneer's Wilderness

This is one of the largest territories on campus, more than twice the size of most of the others in explorable space as it towers upwards as well! There is so much going on that it is a genuine wilderness; more than just one visit is needed to solve the mysteries of this space. Your pup will harness a pioneer's sense of expedition and adventure taking full advantage of the wide and open meadow to frolic and play through, scale the alps of Mt. Wolfhouse, test themselves on the modular X-Elemental obstacle course, then crash in forest beds or atop mushroom stalks under the shade of the pine tree forest.

High energy types and giant wolves get to burn their energy mentally and physically throughout the zone as it is much more about high octane adventures than rest. However, like all of our core territories a recovery space is maintained throughout the day for when energy is running low.



Waterfall Springs

This territory is for water lovers. Whilst consent is required to bathe in our spring, once given it opens a door that can never be closed. It's a human and doggo fav and the only territory that we will have to use our most conniving influencing techniques to get them back out. Waterfall Springs is our water zone designed for cooling and introducing dogs to the water. It is a closed zone only opened at certain points during the day. It is also used heavily in the rehabilitation process to build trust and confidence between dog and human. The internal stairs are key in making this zone available for all shapes, sizes and confidence levels to ensure Wolfhouse caters for paws wet only to swimming, duck diving and everything in between!



The Library

This territory is the height of high class society. If your treasured pupper is accepted with this revered community, he or she will enjoy leather bound recliners, beds made for royalty, soft dancing lighting, clean rugged flooring and the very finest in canine art, literature and a daily updated musical banquet. These scholars love to share their views with others who are as so inclined, relaxing and lounging about whilst frequenting short but spirited playful engagements.

The smallest of the core territories The Library is a place for rest, recovery and relaxation. It is utilised best for part of the day where your doggo's energy is at its lowest. This is an exclusive area that is not open for all of the Wolfhouse family, only those who are compatible with other philosophers of similar kind.



Solitude Den

As part of our absolute dedication to our most important charge being safety, the Solitude Den is a space void of all loose dogs. This is an important space for those dogs on the road to rehabilitation as it allows us to teach and expose the dogs at their own pace and then retreat to a secure and protected 'den' that is all their own. This territory is also useful for one on one's, family catch ups and the introduction of unusual stimuli with a single dog in a 100% controlled environment devoid of all stimuli that could trigger instinctual drives such as their prey drive, pack drive or defensive drive. This ensures that the dogs that need this space are able to completely relax whilst they are recovering for the next step in their rehabilitation process.

The Exclusive Territories

Due to each unique shape of our campuses, some territories are offered to exclusive locations. Whilst the design of these exclusive territories changes dramatically, the purpose is often maintained to ensure that as a total, the campus can deliver on Wolfhouse's core Mission and Vision.


Hamilton boasts the high octane arena of Wolfhurst 500 Raceway. It is exclusive to Hamilton and not offered at all campus locations. This territory is for high energy physical enrichment. As the name suggests, this 50m raceway enables the fastest doggos to hit top speed, racing back and forth as long as their legs can carry them. The raceway can also be retro fitted to include agility equipment such as weave poles, various height jumps and tunnels!




Carindale's unique layout supports the launch of a territory titled, The Pasture. An Australian farm inspired territory boasts many of the experiences of your favourite farm stay! Designed for high energy physical enrichment, doggo's will fly through equestrian hurdles, weave poles, agility tunnels, leap over hay bails and crash in the stable in between runs. One of the best parts about being on a farm is the sense of the vast, wide open spaces. In Carindale's largest territory, The Pasture will achieve just that! Pictures soon!