Welcome to Husky Bros.

The Blog that follows 2 Husky Brothers around Wolfhouse. Live what it’s like being on campus every day, behind the scenes, meeting everyone and maybe a little bit of insight into the Siberian Husky breed.


Husky Bros. The Storm Demon and What You Can Do To Exorcise It!

This week we are going to exorcise the demons out of this Storm Demon. Luckily, not Tuuq, Portland nor myself ...
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Husky Bros. Wet & Wild – Waterfall Springs Now Open, Just Add Water!

Water! The Pool! IT'S FINALLY OPEN!! To celebrate this tremendously wet occasion, we the Husky Bros, presents a collection of ...
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Husky Bros. The Inskip Beach Escape

Last weekend was my first ever beach camp! I had never been to the beach before, so wasn't sure what ...
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Husky Bros. A Portland Sized Beginning

So this week Tuuq and I are jumping on to introduce our newest family member, Portland! I know right, I'm ...
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Husky Bros. The Boy’s List of Their Best Camping Spots!

As you would all know by now, we Husky Bros are all about the adventure! Living it, breathing it, being ...
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Husky Bros. A Husky Sized Love Story

Tuuq: So this week Mum and Dad have let me jump in and talk to you about Nirvana. Which I ...
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Husky Bros. Just Your Average Arvo at Wolfhouse

Continuing on from last weeks update, Just Your Average Morning at Wolfhouse Husky Bros take you behind the scenes at an afternoon ...
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Husky Bros. Just Your Average Morning at Wolfhouse

This week Anuk and Tuuq take you through what an average morning is like for the 2 Team Huskies. So ...
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Husky Bros. A Story of Rescue with Tuuq and Phoenix

This is a story about Tuuq and Phoenix's Rescue. I'm not in it much so I get the intro. Dad ...
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Husky Bros. Anuk Gets SO Much Love. He’ll Tell You Why!

As the eldest I am the best behaved. I get a lot of Love from just being me. But there ...
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