Birthdays on Campus

Celebrating Birthdays on Campus!

What better way to celebrate your pup's special day than on campus with doggo friends, cake and epic photos to capture the party! The process for birthdays on campus is super simple! Humans simply drop off a cake along with the Birthday Boy or Girl! We offer two different Birthday Celebration Packages for your pup depending on what best suits your photo requirements!


Birthday Cake Celebration

Our Birthday Cake Celebration photo package includes FIVE photos of your pup interacting with their birthday cake! Please note that this package is only for one dog in all photos. If you would like more than one dog in any of the photos, this would be considered a "PARTY!" and you will need to book in our Birthday Party Celebration Package! The Birthday Cake Celebration photo package is free of charge. Owners are responsible for sourcing and providing the cake. 

Birthday Party Celebration

The Birthday Party Celebration photo package includes up to TEN photos of your pup interacting with their birthday cake. This can include group photo/s of their friends (as requested) together, as safety standards allow. Multiple pieces of apparel, additional decorations (ie, Party Hats, Balloons) can be incorporated into this photo package and customisable format is available as required. (Cake/ Apparel/Additional Decorations not supplied). The Birthday Party Celebration photo package is an additional $30 on a Full Day Enrolment.


If your pup would like to share their cake with the rest of their friends at school, please email us a copy of the cake ingredients.  

To book this in for your pup's special day; just head to the Customer Portal, and select your Enrolment Type then click Additional Services and select "Birthday Cake Celebration" or "Birthday Party Celebration" depending on which photo package you would like. Please note that our Birthday Celebration packages are only valid on Full Day Enrolments due to the time allocated for this photo shoot.

We look forward to being apart of your pup's special day!