Timberwolf Scent Reactions from Everyday Australian Dogs

Timberwolf Scent Reactions from Everyday Australian Dogs

So, by now you know Wolfhouse is the home of adventure and education in an indoor wilderness, right here in Brisbane, Australia. But did you know about our ‘Scent’s of the World’ Pole? Every week we apply a new scent to the pole from animals all over the world.

This week we finally received our Timberwolf scent and the results from dog to dog are absolutely hilarious!

No. 1 – Lucy is a 8 month old Whippet and veteran here on campus, she lives with horses on acreage and get’s into everything at home:

Colour a Lucy ‘Intrigued’ is what we have here. Doesn’t hate it, doesn’t love it.

No. 2 – Theo’s an 18 month old Spoodle, so all that intelligence thanks to his poodle ancestry plus a spaniel’s nose, lead to one obvious outcome:

After a quick detour through the water territory, we’re not sure why he then needed to be wet, Theo decided to stay in this teepee. A very smart dog who chose to trust his nose! Something, big, hairy and likely, hungry is about!

No. 3 – Anuk is a 5 year old Siberian Husky and Team dog here on campus, so he thinks he’s smelt it all before:

Anuk had one sniff and turn tailed. A self proclaimed ‘Sheriff’ on campus, you won’t catch him anywhere near this pole!

No.4 – Portland is barely 4 months old, another Team dog and of course, another Siberian Husky:

Portland had a very odd reaction. All love. He had one sniff, felt calm and decided here, right next to the scent, was the perfect place to curl up. One of the weirdest reactions so far..

No.5 – Bear is a GIANT 5 Year old Male Alaskan Malamute with an odd fascination with Timberwolves:

Bear’s response was unbelievable! This scent really carries, even for humans! So to see Bear have a quick sniff and then decide “I NEED THIS SMELL ON ME!!!” was something else. Luckily for Bear’s owner, the scent was not applied to the grass where Bear was rubbing!!

No. 6 – Tuuq’s a 3 year old Siberian Husky and the 3rd Team Wolfhouse Dog to experience Timberwolf today. For those of you that know Tuuq see him as one of the most happiest, balanced and playful spirits on campus:

And Tuuq isn’t coming anywhere near this side of campus. This tree is as far as his recall will get him. Tuuq will chatter in the direction of the pole, a few woo woos and nothing more!

Such mixed reactions that were not consistent with breed or age! We did wipe the scent off after the experience to bring some harmony back to campus. 


Just another day at WOLFHOUSE!

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