Husky Bros. The Boy’s List of Their Best Camping Spots!

Tuuq Says:

As you would all know by now, we Husky Bros are all about the adventure! Living it, breathing it, being it! Well I am anyways, Anuk just kinda stands there and looks pretty! Cough (lame) cough. So anyways, this week Mum has informed us that we need to share the love of adventure with all our fellow canines… so we are going to let you doggos in on our secrets, well maybe not all of them as a guys got to keep some things to himself, but some of them and in particular – our secret homes away from homes…


Anuk Says

Dude, firstly are are not ‘the adventure’, saying that about yourself is um, what you would say contentious, and secondly, there is no denying that yes, I am “Handsome”, not  ‘pretty’ as you said – you are the pretty one dude, you get mistaken for a girl all the time, in happened literally this week with Harlo’s Mum! Anyways, Camping is super important to us as we love the outdoors. Now, since we are Husky’s – we are not allowed off-lead since we don’t really get that whole recall thing, but Dad sets us up with a long lead, our harnesses and some rigging equipment to make sure we have the space we need at the campsite so we can still have a heap of fun! Camping is a full family affair, so any temporary bro’s or sisters (Mum and Dad call them our foster siblings) come with us to join in on the adventure as they say its important that they get to experience everything a family does, and some of them have never been camping before so they absolutely love being out in the wilderness!


Tuuq Says:

You’re in control? Ha! We both know as much as we would like to be, Mum runs the house… or Dad. Depends which one you ask.. Anyways, back to our secret list of homes away from home and to top it all off, it just keeps getting better and better because it comes with my own personal commentary… and you’re welcome. Dad may have helped with some of your human words. He’s not the worst translator…



  1. Dinner Plain, VIC. This one is the most special and I’ve never been.. That’s how awesome it is. Mum and Dad took Anuk to the snow for the first time a few years ago. Its one of the only places you can take dogs that isn’t National Park! They got to spend a few nights hiking through the area before they checked in to their accom. So good. And they were also lucky enough to go when the sled racing was on. I would love that!
  2. Inskip Point, QLD. Camp right on the beach if you have a 4WD right next to the ocean for daily swims and runs on the long lead
  3. Mt. Barney Retreat, QLD. On of QLD’s only ‘at altitude’ camps and yes you will need a 4WD. Cold as in winter as you can camp at over 800m, which we love! It’s nestled in among National Park and Heritage Listed sights too which makes for an amazing explore.
  4. Murphy’s Creek Escape, QLD. This one is epic for doggos, especially us Huskies who can’t go off lead as it has it’s own DOG PARK!!! So after you’ve explored the creek and forests, had a few swims and said hello to everyone you can have a play to! Campsites are very diverse. Everything from private bush sites, (like we like) to huge powered sites for those big house things some humans tow around!!
  5. Stradbroke Island- Flinders Beach, QLD. If you are after a less crowded Inskip experience, this is it! Again, it’s 4WD only to get to Flinders but you are right on the beach! Just a short walk across the pure white sand to the water and LOTS of beach to explore.
  6. Leevuka, NSW. Cold here too! Probably should be a bit further down if it wasn’t for the cold. It’s mainly a 4WD park, but the landscape, amenities, wide open grassland with heaps of driving and 4WD tracks make it brilliant camp. Go for a wee walk prior to leaving but, it’s about 2 1/2 hours from Wolfhouse.
  7. Flanagan Reserve, QLD. Another one down south, Flanagan’s has everything you need for an awesome weekend. Plenty to explore with heaps of creeks and forestry around a great campsite!
  8. Neurum Creek Bush Retreat, QLD. Neurum has everything, space, creek, close to home at just under 1 1/2 hours from Wolfhouse. It’s a perfect one nighter!
  9. Running Creek Parklands, QLD. This makes this list just because of how close it is! It’s just over an hour north from Wolfhouse. Awesome creek for an explore plus heaps of space for a bit of zoomies
  10. Amamoor State Forest, QLD. Rainforest, walking tracks, wilderness or bush camping and close to Brissie. Great place for a quick camp!


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