Husky Bros. A Story of Rescue with Tuuq and Phoenix

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Anuk Says:

This is a story about Tuuq and Phoenix’s Rescue. I’m not in it much so I get the intro. Dad and Mum bring us friends all the time to stay. Sometimes for an hour sometimes for 4000 years, hell if I know, I’m a Dog! Anyway, Phoenix was with us for ‘some time’. In that time he went from a frightened little puppy into the confident boy he is today loving life with his perfect forever family. This is their story.


Tuuq Says:

Phoenix joined our family one day after Mum introduced him to us at the dog park. He was a rescue and he was very sad. He was scared of everything. But not me! We are about the same age so I showed him around. Phoenix liked his new home. He wouldn’t talk too much about what happened before. Mum and Dad spoke with Anuk and I before Phoenix came home.

They said some really bad humans hurt him for hours and hours until he fell asleep hurt. They said it was on the human news and everything. Explained a bit about why he was so scared. Anuk and I couldn’t imagine what that was like but Phoenix looked up to us and he was very happy with our home!

So we showed him around. Anuk showed him where to pee and poop with Dad, Mum and I showed him how to play. We showed him that he didn’t have to worry about us stealing his food or water or toys. We all showed him it was ok to sleep with Mum and Dad on the bed when they said it was ok. Mum and Dad spent lots of time with Phoenix, showing him how to do certain things right and that he could trust them.



Most of all we showed him that not all humans are bad and that there is so much adventure and life to be had!! He didn’t believe us at first so we had to show him.

We went on long trips Dad and Mum called camping. We went to the beach in this small fabric house, explored rainforests and creeks and waterfalls on our long leads. We had so much fun Phoenix started to forget about what happened and he wasn’t scared of much at all anymore!!!

Then we really started playing. We were both puppies getting into mischief together. We played everyday all day. Our backyard was our wilderness and we had so much fun. Finally we got to a point when Phoenix learned how to dog again. He loved life and he was ready!!



Then we all had another big family talk. Mum and Dad told us about how well Phoenix had done thanks to Anuk and I and that Phoenix was ready for his next big adventure. His forever home. Mum and Dad took him to meet all types of other families. Then he found the perfect family. One with another Mum and Dad with so much love for Phoenix that he couldn’t possibly get any more love from anyone else. They had another husky too, but this one was a girl, her name is Luna and she is even younger than us! This family was absolutely perfect for lil Phoenix. We all knew he had found his forever family.

Then fast forward at least one birthday after Phoenix went to his new forever home, I was busy meeting all these other dogs on campus, that’s this second house thing that mum and dad take us to each day. They call it work. Must be a new word for fun. Then PHOENIX TURNS UP!!! I can’t believe it. We never get to see old friends like this again. He’s SO big, he’s as big as me now, guess he had more growing to do after he left!!! He adores his family and his little sister. He chases her all day just like he did with me. He and Luna are his families world, just like it should be. We’ve seen Phoenix so many times now and today he’s back. Anuk’s not as excited as me, but I love seeing Phoenix and now Luna again. The best day ever today!



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Anuk Says:

Its a sad story about all of us, but it finishes really happily. Phoenix’ s journey and friendship with Tuuq is a legend in our family. We are all so happy such an awesome pup found a family that was so perfect for him…….



Not all stories are like this one. Thankfully rescue doggos don’t always have such a heartbreaking, publicized abuse story as this, not all rescues are seized from abuse. But some do. Wolfhouse was built to provide an experience similar to Phoenix’s to any doggo that could benefit from an adventure and a play. Our dogs deserve the best from us. Think about a rescue next time you’re thinking of adding to your family. Regardless of their past, foster families all over Australia are volunteering with their not-for-profit Rescue Organisations on saving lives and rehabilitating the ones that need it, into happy go lucky doggos ready for their forever home. Remember, you are making a conscious decision to save a life. Is there anything better?

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